Who are we?

Leading Israeli fashion designer Shiran Navon founded Margot Studio more than a decade ago. Recognising her talent, over the last few years Shiran’s market has become global, with her creations sold in London, Milan, Hong Kong and all over Israel. 

Shiran draws her inspiration from a wide range of sources and influences, and also from her roots by the Sea of Galilee. Margot Studio collections focus on wedding gowns and evening couture. The range is enhanced by partnership with her sister-in-law, textile designer Ella Kaliski, with new collections constantly in development.

Today Margot Studio is established in the rag trade centre of Tel Aviv, Nachalat Binyamin. Margot’s distinctive elegant lines are a creative blend of classic with ultra-modern for unique impact, and sought out by celebrities and discerning brides who proudly wear Margot Studio gowns in Israel and around the world.  

Shiran Navon

Shiran Navon, a bachelor’s degree graduate with honours from WIZO College in Haifa, Israel launched her career as a fashion designer in the field of bridal and evening gowns immediately after graduation. Shiran studied elite patternmaking in Italy using the free modelling design method. The unique technique Shiran has developed expresses a profound understanding of how best to feature the attributes of the female body in the most flattering way, empowering the wearer on her Big Day.
In 2012 Shiran first opened the Margot Studio doors on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel.
In 2019 Margot Studio opened in Tel Aviv.
Shiran sees herself following in the footsteps of her great-grandmother Margot, a holocaust survivor whose survival was thanks to her advanced sewing and design skills. Shiran’s basic inspiration and knowledge of haute couture was instilled by her great-grandmother Margot, along with the dream to design, and to make dreams come true.

Ella Kaliski

Ella Kaliski, a textile design graduate from Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, Israel, began her career at Margot Studio as soon as she graduated. Her first year after graduation also featured her own wedding to Shiran’s brother, so they have been deeply immersed in the world of weddings in the most personal way. 

Ella’s main speciality is in handiwork, fabric development, and innovative techniques of printing, knitting and weaving.

While a student at Shenkar Ella was selected to present her work at the prestigious Premiere Vision exhibition in Paris.

Today, Ella is in charge of the range of textiles and choice of fabrics at the Studio.

The fruitful collaboration between designers and sisters-in-law Ella and Shiran produces extraordinary results, with Ella’s focus on textiles and Shiran’s expertise in fashion. Their exciting flare and talent is fertile ground to realise their distinctive artistic and design fantasies.